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The Amazing Maze!

Our 10,000 square foot Maze is waiting for your group to come and explore! Your group will work as a team, improve problem-solving skills, apply critical-thinking, and have FUN! Our maze is a permanent structure with 6 1/2 foot wooden walls and is in available by appointment year-round.

A session in the maze generally lasts 1 hour and is facilitated by an OWL employee, who will select games and activities appropriate to your group’s age and goals. School groups might play the Quiz Bowl, seeking out questions in various topics. Church groups can try to find the Ten commandments and then put them in order! Interested in teambuilding? Try finding and assembling one of our life size Tangram puzzles. A program may be customized to accommodate the specific needs of your group.

With four entrances and interior doors that can be opened and closed when participants are in the maze, your group will have a great time solving the Amazing maze! Reservations are required, and minimum group size is 12.

$7 per person

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