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Horticulture Program


Horticulture Program: Where everything grows with a little soil, sunshine, water, food, and love!
Ferns and Mums

We have two 90 foot double-bay hothouses located at the OWL Center where we grow our ferns. The youth from the Home help plant the ferns each August/September and they are available for sale during the months of March and April. There are 6-8 different varieties of ferns: Macho, Asparagus, Fluffy Ruffle, Boston, Hills Boston, Kimberly Queen, Fishtail, and Rabbit’s Foot. They are priced at $12.00.


We also have an outdoor area where we grow mums each fall. The youth come out around August and we start planting again! We grow an array of colors including: white, yellow, pink, orange, burgundy, lavender, and more! They are available starting in October. The mums sell for $6.00/pot.



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